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Life and Death and One Less Senior...

FDHS has lost another senior. Two gone...and it's not even second semester. If we lose another I don't know what will happen to this school. I don't know. I have a funny feeling. All of these people seem to be dying around me. Not best friends or direct relatives. I feel like someone very close to me is going to die and I dunno... I feel almost as if I am next. Friends on either side of me have lost friends that they really care about...I feel like I'm going to lose someone I really care about. 
I have this quote from Nick Stokes (CSI) playing over and over in my head. "When it's your day, it's your day." It seems as simple as that. 
Amy wanted to be a nurse and to help people, but she wasn't going to be. Somehow I feel that God knew that. Sometimes I feel like it's cruel that he knows when we're going to die and we don't. Then again, that would completely change the way we live our lives. Not planning for the future but planning for our death day. In truth, that's really no wy to live. I mean...in fear of dying. Shoot it's going to happen...you can't stop it. It's like your period...you can take drugs to prolong it's absence...but in the end it comes. Weird analogy I know...
Lame cliche warning: Live each day as if it were your last. Totally lame, I know. But...you can't go through life carrying hate in your heart. We have a short time here on earth and we have to use the gifts that God has given us...in the short time that we have. 
I think I'm going to call Steven tomorrow and see whats up. I hate that it has taken two deaths for me to get on the right track with my friends. Hopefully, we can start talking again. I miss him. I know he has new/other friends. Everyone needs more than 1 friend. I don't want to lose our contact. I love him - I really miss him.

FORT DEFIANCE - A Fort Defiance High School senior with dreams of a career helping others died in a car crash Thursday morning.

Amy Caracofe, 17, of New Hope, wanted to be a nurse, and joined a local rescue squad to achieve that goal. The dream vanished at 428 Dam Town Road where her Toyota Celica slammed into a tree.

Authorities said she lost control of her car while rounding an eastbound curve at high speed.

“She was a bright young lady. She brightened the room up when she entered it,” said Assistant Fire Chief Kenny Hyden Jr., of the New Hope Volunteer Fire and Rescue squad. Caracofe recently joined the squad.

Relatives could not be reached for comment.

Caracofe died upon impact at 11:25 a.m., authorities said. That was soon after leaving school with an early dismissal from chemistry class, according to a teacher.

“She was concerned with keeping her grades up” so she could continue training with the rescue squad, chemistry teacher Mark Metcalf said.

Rumors of her death reached the school soon after the accident, Fort Defiance High Principal Larry Landes said.

He recalled that the “charismatic” Caracofe was “looking at different college options and a bright career.”

Today, grief counselors will be at the school to talk to students.

Caracofe’s car crumpled around the tree in a way that initially prevented firefighters from peering inside to check for passengers, authorities said.

“The tree hit right where the passenger [seats] are, so until we cut the roof off we’re not sure,” Virginia State Police Trooper Sean Simmons said early into the effort to identify Caracofe.

Her Toyota Celica was traveling “at least” 70 mph when she lost control, Simmons added. Authorities said the speed limit was 50 mph.

Headlights and other car parts were strewn more than 50 feet away. In one spot the rear bumper sat next to the rearview mirror, which was wrapped in a pink Hawaiian lei.

Valley Vo-Tech welding student Brandon Kyle, arrived seconds after the crash. He thought the Celica resembled the one driven by his friend, Amy Caracofe.

He saw the pink lei wrapped around the rear-view mirror and knew that his worst fears had been confirmed.

“I used to [tease] her all the time about that. I thought it looked silly … but she never took it down,” he recalled.

Jerry Weaver was retrieving tools in his basement - an estimated 200 yards away from the crash site - when he heard a loud thud accompanied by the wail of the car’s horn.

“I knew it was [a car wreck] because it happens around here all the time,” he said.

He grabbed a telephone to call for help and ran to his porch.

“I knew it was something serious because the horn was going,” he said.

Amy Lin Caracofe, 17, of Crimora passed away on Thursday, January 3, 2008 at from injuries received in a car accident.

She was born in Raleigh, NC on February 15, 1990, and was the daughter of Doug E. and Angelia Gale (Jones) Caracofe of New Hope.

Amy was a senior at Fort Defiance High School. She was employed as a life guard and swim instructor at the Staunton YMCA, and was a member of the New Hope Fire and Rescue.

Surviving in addition to her parents is a half sister, Celeste A. Crudup of Zebulon, NC; a grandmother, Linda A. Parker of Franklinton, NC; three uncles, three aunts, three nephews and ten cousins also survive.

A funeral service will be held at Middle River Church of the Brethren in New Hope at 2:00 PM on Sunday, January 6, 2008 with Rev. Nathan Myers and Rev. Jamie Parker officiating. Burial will follow at Oak Lawn Cemetery in New Hope.

The family will receive friends on Saturday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Johnson Funeral Service in Grottoes.

Memorial contributions may be made to New Hope Fire & Rescue, PO Box 38, 691 Battlefield Rd., New Hope, VA 24469.

Online condolences may be sent to the family at www.johnsonfs.com.




RIP AMY i will miss u 4ever

She was my cousin an its the hardist thing that i have ever dealed with. I wish she was still here. I talk to my grandma about it almost every night an we said that we wish that tree was not there but than again if it was ment to be than it would have happend somewhere eles.I dont think she would want me to cry over her bec when she was around an i was crying she always said it will be ok an dont think about the bad things just the good.I always told her to never speed they would understand if you were a little late but she did not lisson and know she is gone 4ever



Why did god just let us brow her she was the world WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY did he take her WHY so young!!!!
Can anybody tell me why he took her bec i want to back :(:(:(:(:(:(:(.