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Senior Year Resolutions

The Senior Year Resolutions

I resolve to:

  1. Work my butt off during the fall for track
  2. Be the BEST Yearbook Editor I can be
  3. Be a Christian Leader in School (FCA, and other outlets)
  4. Make A/B Honor Roll (4.2 baby!)
  5. Set up a Peace Booth next to Recruiters
  6. Make a WWJB (Who Would Jesus Bomb?) shirt.
  7. SHATTER all the Shot and Discus Records
  8. Do great things with all my clubs (Latin, NHS, FCA)
  9. Get into Bridgewater, JMU, UMW, University of Richmond, & Manchester
  10. Step UP and OUT.
  11. Pop, Lock, and Drop it.
  12. Make a short documentary.
  13. Be Who I Am


Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!