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Jake wolf hands

My Life at present

I did all my work tonight - which is fantastic! All I need to do is read the Awakening by Thursday. My life will momentarily stop on Thursday. So many cataclysmic activities are taking place on Thursday. 1. I have to speak in front of the whole school. 2. Our Pep Rally 3. The Awakening is due. 4. I'm sure there are other things. Mainly I'm worried about finishing this short story and writing my speech for the Yearbook Pep Rally.
I have so much writing to do in the coming months. I need to write a monologue or two or several for the 300th Anniversary Celebration. I need to write about 5 personal statements...or use the same one if it's really kick-ass.  Write in general, because I miss it...
Speaking of my Brethren monologue - I need to get Angela to make me a dress. I could probably use  the plain simple  black dress for the Civil War monologue and the Shwarzenhau Germany Baptism monologue and/ or the early immigrant one or the revolutionary one. I don't think Brethren dress would have changed too drastically in those years. Maybe they did, perhaps it will only be small changes. Like a shirt or a bonnet or shall or something... I need to go to the Farmers Market, so i can buy a black  bonnet. I REALLY NEED TO WRITE SOME MONOLOGUES!!