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Jake wolf hands

My Life: The Spoiler

My favorite thing in the whole of Deathly Hallows - that Snape was good. That Harry realized all that Snape did for his mother, and then named his kid Albus Severus. That was very much my favorite part - Snape loved.
I am quite the Snape/Lily shipper now. I've been quite obssessed ever since I finished reading the book. I knew they had a thing, or there was something there. Now, it's certain isn't it? I love that so much. 
They are so beautiful together. This goth-depressed little boy, and this sweet flower child.

 Gah...I love it. I'm a hopeless romantic in literature. In real life I question whether love exists. I mean I don't question it...but it's not such a big deal to me right now. I'm a 17 year old senior in high school - I feel I have too much on my plate and too much going for me. I did that whole dating thing - it's all good fun, but seriosuly, I'm good. Right now, I'm in my happy place and I'm not waiting around for any boy to bring me out of it. It feels so good to say that. I don't think I'll ever marry. He'd have to be as many layered and multi-faceted as I am. Otherwise, he doesn't stand a chance. My next boyfriend will have to be pretty amazing to be able to tear me away from ALL that I have going on.