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Jun. 14th, 2007

Jake wolf hands

Funniest Video ever - The Landlord

This is gold.

The Landlord

Mar. 16th, 2007

Amanda gross

Spring come back...

It was 70 degrees yesterday! No lie.

(The wintery scene from my porch)
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Mar. 15th, 2007

Jake wolf hands

A Defining Moment alright

Juts submitted this week entry of hermione_ldws and I hope I get to stay and I hope I submitted it in time. I had been putting it off all week and then said, "Oh, crap it's Thursday and due soon." I turned it in 1hr and 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Go me! To wait til the last minute. I do work better under pressure. Now that that's submitted. :) I have AP History to do and some Pre-Calc.

It's calling for rain tomorrow. Which is exciting as I want to wear my wellies tomorrow. :) That's them - the only pair that T.J. Maxx had. I might buy another pair - but these are brighter than anyone else's shoes. I win. :)

Mar. 6th, 2007

Jake wolf hands

Hairspray, Girl Scout cookies, and Braque.

Good times.
I cannot wait to see Hairspray! on July 20, 2007. omg! A day before the 7th HP book comes out! I am so freakin' excited for the month of July - it's going to freakin' own!

Feb. 25th, 2007

Jake wolf hands


78. Music

Feb. 24th, 2007

Jake wolf hands

100 Writing Prompts

I'm working on a new writing prompt. I'm going to write little short stories or poems, or artwork. Whatever. But I'll post it here. I'm rather excited. :)
100 Prompts

001.Crash002.Dim003.Futile 004.Erratic 005.Loved
006.Soft 007.Hold 008.Shackles 009.Broken 010.Precious
011.Odds and Ends 012.Tea 013.Twisted 014.Echo 015.Soothe
016.Fight 017.Naked 018.Push 019.Alive 020.New
021.Born 022.Murmur 023.Devious 024.Isolation 025.Starve
026.Breakable 027.Winter 028.Ignore 029.Colour 030.Grace
031.Belong 032.Choke 033.Reach 034.Difficult 035.Heat
036.Veneer 037.Fall 038.Nightmare 039.Contagious 040.Good riddance
041.Goodbye 042.Scarred 043.Last dance 044.Burn 045.Steady
046.Monster 047.Voodoo048.Shine 049.Intent 050.Camping
051.Grave 052.Machine 053.Destination 054.Nowhere 055.Garden
056.I know 057.Dust 058.Dream 059.Destiny 060.Spring
061.Sigh 062.Fingertips 063.Waiting 064.Playboy 065.Revenge
066.July 067.Desire 068.Free 069.Celebration 070.Stars
071.Morgue 072.Space 073.Whitewash 074.Alone 075.Coma
076.Letters 077.Phone call 078.Music 079.Silence 080.Cards
081.Emblem 082.Elephant 083.Monopoly 084.Reality 085.Serenity
086.Bone 087.Chalk dust 088.Manuscript 089.Ink 090.Perfection
091.Ring 092.Drive 093.Missing 094.Full moon 095.New direction
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice
Jake wolf hands

February is for Fools

I've happened upon the intro page to livejournal and saw in the spotlight section that two people had met on Livejournal and fallen in love. I think that is the most amazing thing. It touched me. I'm only 16. But jeez... to have a love that passionate someday would be amazing. I can hardly fathom something like that, it seems so surreal. I want to meet my love on LJ! I want to meet interesting people to talk to... if nothing else. Someone to swap stories with, etc.
Poor David... he made 10th chair in All-state. He made 3rd last year. That's a bit depressing isn't it? I think he went in with expectations really high. I mean every audition is a clean slate. hmm. That's why I need to go into States with my head high and no expectations of anyone - it's a new day, a new meet, a new throw.

Feb. 13th, 2007

Jake wolf hands

The Look Book: Hilary Duff

Jake wolf hands

Threadless baby!

I love this place they have the best T-shirts! Threadless.

Feb. 3rd, 2007


Equus = Hottest Theatre Ever!

So basically I want to fly to London this spring season and see Equus. So I can see this:

Oh, yeah. I've pretty much decided I will be flying half way around the world to see this. Anyone wanna donate to me cause?

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